Glaxo en Melville House

In a derelict town in the Argentine pampa, a decades-old betrayal simmers among a group of friends. One, a barber, returns from serving time for a crime he didn’t commit; another, a policeman with ties to the military regime, discovers his wife’s infidelity; a third lays dying. And an American missionary has been killed.
But what happened among these men?
Spinning through a series of voices and timelines, Hernán Ronsino’s Glaxo reveals a chilling story of four boyhood friends who grow  to become adults embroiled in illicit romances, government death squads, and, ultimately, murder. Around them, the town falls apart. The “primitive calm” is punctuated only by the sound of trains—a sound “so shrill it hurts your teeth,” and loud enough, we learn, to overwhelm the pop of gunfire.
Both an austere, pastoral drama and a suspenseful whodunit,Glaxo crackles with tension and mystery. And it marks the stunning English-language debut of a major Latin American writer.


Huellas del pasado